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Get More Deals Approved With This Second-Look Financing Program

Solutions for
Financing Credit Rejected Customers

Are you a home improvement or replacement contractor looking to improve your bottom line?

HomePlus Finance provides financing options for your credit-rejected customers. If you receive a turndown from your primary lender, there is no need to discard the deal. In many cases you will find that we can approve and fund the contract for you, increasing your revenues and cashflow. Your customer gets to enjoy their remodeling project now, while you keep your salespeople happy and field crews busy.

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How It Works

HomePlus Finance is able to greenlight many contracts that other lenders reject.

Utilizing a proprietary methodology that ignores credit scores and home equity levels, HomePlus Finance can accurately assess a borrower’s true ability to repay a loan – regardless of their current FICO score.

Employing our own capital resources provides us with the flexibility and autonomy to accept contracts that other lenders, restricted by their financial covenants, cannot approve. With a commitment to technology, we offer the latest digital platform and tools, including digital documents, which make the finance process smooth and easy for your salespeople and finance manager.

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The Right Tool To
Increase Revenue

HomePlus Finance helps home improvement contractors increase their revenues by providing a second chance lending opportunity for their customers who do not qualify for credit score driven project loans.

Each month we review hundreds of previously rejected applications and approve more than 30%. We’re a great fit for medium to large size home improvement companies that already offer a financing option for their customers. In fact, many of the Top 200 Home Improvement companies currently use our service. If you receive at least five turn downs a month from your first-look lender, this program will be an excellent source of additional revenue for you.

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