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How It Works

Turn Credit Rejections into Funded Approvals with this Second-look Financing Program

Why HomePlus
Finance is Different

HomePlus Finance is different from every other home improvement finance company.

Most second-look lenders use computer programs to make automated financing decisions.  This approach results in a lot of unnecessary turndowns. Algorithms cannot tell if your customer had a health issue, job loss, divorce, or other unfortunate event that created temporary blemishes in their credit score.

Human beings can tell.

That customer may be past those events and may be a very good credit risk now. This positive reality will never be reflected in an impersonal credit score. So, at HomePlus Finance we do things differently. Our underwriting team reviews every application personally and looks for reasons to approve a loan, rather than reasons to reject it.

Because of our proprietary system, we approve many applications that other second-look lenders reject. You’ll find that we are flexible, easy to work with, and will do all we can to accommodate your home improvement financing needs.


By ignoring conventional wisdom and industry norms, we can approve deals that others can’t. Here’s how we do it.

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Our programs aren’t for everyone, nor were they designed to be. We work best for these types of contractors.

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In today’s competitive landscape, you need every advantage you can get. These tools will help.

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Unlike banks or other lenders, we utilize a unique process that allows us to ignore your damaged-credit customer’s FICO scores and equity levels.

HomePlus Finance uses our own lending criteria and focus on the borrower’s intention to repay the loan. Because we are not credit score driven, we often approve loans that other second-look lenders reflexively reject. Home equity is never required, and all loans are unsecured.

We also utilize our own capital. We are not beholden to any bank or Wall Street investment company. This means that we have the independence and flexibility to approve applications that others can’t, and we can make exceptions when they make sense.

  • All credit accepted, flexible underwriting
  • Unsecured loans up to 120-month terms
  • Prior bankruptcies considered with reestablished credit
  • Rates vary by state, details provided by your account executive
  • No home equity required
  • Split deals accepted with prior disclosure


About HomePlus



Typically, we’ll fit best as your second-look lender,
after you’ve received an initial turndown from your primary lender.

It’s at this critical point when the deal is in jeopardy, where we can play an important role for you. Simply input the application into our online portal, and you will receive an underwriting decision within 24 hours.

To compensate for the additional risk in these loans, we discount the loan, which means you will receive less than face value on your contract. The amount of the discount and the loan terms you can offer your customers are often state specific. Your personal account executive will provide you with the details for your state.

This program works best for mid to large home improvement companies and replacement contractors. Our typical dealer has annual sales of $2MM – $70MM and has a dedicated finance manager or finance department to handle the process. We usually accept replacement window, siding, roofing, gutter, door, HVAC, sunroom, deck and other remodeling companies. We do not typically accept companies that have been in business for less than two years or those that have revenues less than $1MM.

Highlights of this powerful unsecured loan program include:

  • Contract amounts up to $25,000 and beyond
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Electronic documents
  • Guaranteed 24-hour turnaround
  • Custom programs to meet your needs
  • No monthly minimums
  • Same day funding, funds wired directly to you
  • Dedicated personal representative and processor
  • No acquisition fees
  • Convenient online portal for application submittal

About HomePlus


Utilizing the latest technology is important to you —
and to us.

The HomePlus Finance online portal makes application submittal convenient, quick and easy. The site is password protected and accessible only by approved dealers. You will find this portal provides a simple and secure way for you to input customer information into our system. Because this digital platform is streamlined, you will receive an underwriting decision within 24 hours.

If your salespeople employ a tablet or laptop in the home, you’ll appreciate that HomePlus Finance also offers electronic documents. Digital signature capability via DocuSign makes loan execution simple and hassle-free.

Upon completion of your home improvement project, you will receive same-day funding by electronic wire transfer, getting your funds to you in the most expeditious way possible.

About HomePlus


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