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Financing Solutions

Home Improvement Financing that Puts Money Back in Your Pocket

Improves Cash
Flow and Profits

You have invested a substantial amount of money in generating the lead, setting the appointment, and making the sale. That’s why financing turndowns are so costly – it’s not just the lost sales revenue but also the lost funds you’ve spent on securing the sales presentation.

Our second-look home improvement financing program plugs this hole for you. With our flexible program, you will recover the considerable investment you have already committed and earn a profit on the sale. Plus, you get the customer off the street, locking them up for future projects and referrals. And as you know, an additional approved sale or two every month can really boost your bottom line numbers.

If you currently offer your customers financing, this second-look financing program will:

  • Increase revenue and cash flow
  • Recoup money invested in generating the lead
  • Keep salespeople happy and crews busy
  • Secure future projects and customer referrals

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